Catholic Online Pre-Marriage Course

Do you want an online pre-marriage course that is Fun, Easy-to-do and Intimate?

Do you want a pre-marriage program that gives you time and space to discuss your relationship?

Our Pre-Marriage Course is online and simple to complete. The Avalon online pre-marriage course has been accepted around the world. Please ask your priest before buying our course. We give you the same certificate for this course as other couples get for completing the Platinum course so we are sure it will be accepted by your priest.

The Coronavirus is a very real danger to you and your family. Avoid sitting in a small room full of strangers coughing and sneezing. Complete your marriage course in safety and peace.
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We have two great courses for you to choose from;


online marriage course Online Pre Marriage Course

Are you a couple who dislikes large groups but who like the idea of privacy? Are you new parents struggling to find childcare, or a couple who can’t afford to take time off work?

Then this course is for you!

We give you two specially designed workbooks, over 6 hours of fascinating interviews and informative videos and an E-book on religion and faith. Our Pre Marriage Course also comes with online relationship support for 12 months. Our course is unlike any other course on offer. So what have you got to lose?

Avalon Online Marriage Course - Secure website.


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OUR MOST POPULAR COURSE – Now you and your partner can get closer as you watch our exceptional Pre-Marriage Course in DVD format. The only marriage preparation program delivered right to your door! Includes two workbooks and pens to give you the very Best Marriage Prep Course available.

The course also includes all our bonus video footage including recordings of the Avalon group course presentations, our unique e-books, relaxation MP3s and bonus video interviews with over 20 consultants offering a range of wedding, marriage, financial and planning advice. We also provide Online relationship support for 12 months and Lifetime access to our website.

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Avalon Online Marriage Course - Secure website.

Church Recognition

Here is a snippet from an interview with one of the priests on our course to allay any fears you may have about Church recognition.

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A few words from our many happy customers around the world.

  • Teresa Robert Online Pre Marriage Course

Teresa & Rob

We took a lot from the course and it made us really sit down and talk about some things we haven't ever discussed, ie how we handle conflict and also the influence of our parents' relationships on how we conduct our own. It was particularly interesting to learn what "every [...]

  • Krista LaMacchia 1 Online Pre Marriage Course

Krista & Joe

Well, I think Joe and I have enjoyed being engaged and the fun of planning a wedding etc. But, what we really learned through this program was being "married" is so much more then a wedding and spending your life with a person you love .... its about a life [...]

  • Keith-Liz

Keith Morrissey & Liz Kelly

"Having completed the Avalon programme we wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the experience.  It was very beneficial to be able to watch a DVD in our own home.  We completed the booklets before watching the DVD and the interaction with each other was very amusing and [...]

  • Hazel-Dave-McCreery

Barbara & Robert

We were late to attend Avalon course..but David recommended to order a dvd and do it at home.we found it very helpful and funny. While doing the workbooks we learnt a lot about each other and discuss our future life together more serious than we did before. We really enjoyed [...]

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Download the His and Her workbooks.
  2. Fill in the pages together, up to and including the marriage contract page, before watching Episode One.
  3. Then watch the Avalon Pre Marriage Course videos, Episodes One, Two and Three and follow the instructions in the video.
  4. Now watch the other video interviews.
  5. Then read the E-Books provided with the program.
  6. Complete the Certificate Quiz.
Avalon has interviewed a number of priests for this program.

We will be adding more of these interviews to our program every three months. These interviews give couples a great insight into the mindset of priests whose job it is to prepare couples for marriage.

We also include a number of e-books for couples to read that help couples with understanding their faith.

Avalon will also be offering webinars to couples should they need to discuss any aspect of the program with us.

Simply email us at and tell us how we can help you. We will then create a webinar just for you or for other couples who may share your issues or concerns. If couples need expert advice on any aspect of their relationship then we will also organize this wherever possible.

Couples are never alone, we are always here to help and support you.

Your certificate is valid for a life-time. If you postponed your wedding for two years your certificate will still be valid when you go to get married again.