Teresa & Rob

We took a lot from the course and it made us really sit down and talk about some things we haven’t ever discussed, ie how we handle conflict and also the influence of our parents’ relationships on how we conduct our own.

It was particularly interesting to learn what “every day things” are important to […]

Krista & Joe

Well, I think Joe and I have enjoyed being engaged and the fun of planning a wedding etc. But, what we really learned through this program was being “married” is so much more then a wedding and spending your life with a person you love …. its about a life you build and choosing […]

Avalon Online Course Topics Covered


It is our understanding that the Australian, Irish, English and U.S. Bishops insist that couples receive instruction in the following core areas during their Pre-Marriage Courses:


Family of Origin Influences-Our Programme outlines how families can influence the success or failure of your future marriage and […]

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