Q. Why do Priests approve the Avalon pre-marriage course?

A. Usually it is the responsibility of your local priest to decide which courses will be acceptable.
However in our experience we have always found that once couples show their priest the information provided below, priests are happy to accept our programme.

Please print out this page and give to your priest if you have any doubts.

  • Our Course is based on the teachings of Gaudium et Spes
  • Our Values are taken directly from Humane Vitae
  • Our Modules cover the very topics suggested by the U.S. Bishops
  • Our course conforms to the Vatican’s rules on marriage preparation
  • We take our direction from Familiaris Consortio
  • We teach you about the Sacrament of Marriage
  • We show you the beauty of all Seven Sacraments
  • Our course is built on the foundations of John Paul 2’s “Theology of the Body”
  • We teach you about Natural Family Planning
  • One Archdiocese approved our group course as “Excellent”
  • We have put our group course content into Video
  • Our Certificates have been accepted in every country in the world
  • Our course was designed by a qualified Theologian and Pastoral Worker
  • Since 2007 over 15,000 couples had their certificates accepted worldwide


Q. Who is Avalon?
A. Avalon was started in 2007 by David Kavanagh, a graduate of Theology from Maynooth University.
David was also trained in the Canon Law of Marriage during a further year of Theology training for his Pastoral Diploma.
David was one of the first Lay school chaplains in the Dublin Diocese and was a volunteer with the Catholic Youth Care agency during his Theology training. Always involved with the life of the Church, David started Avalon to give Catholic couples an understanding both of their faith and how they can improve their relationships.
David has worked for the last ten years as a Systemic Family Therapist and is well-known around Ireland as a respected authority on the subjects of love and marriage.

Q. How do we do the course online?

A. Complete pages 1 to four of your workbook first.
Then watch the Avalon PreMarriage Course and follow the instructions in the video.
Complete the short quiz online.
Then we post out your certificate.
Watch the great bonus interviews when you both have time. Simple.


Q. How can we do the course at home, I thought all courses had to be done in hotels?

A. The Catholic Church has an obligation to prepare couples for the Sacrament of Marriage and allows a number of various methods of marriage preparation. Some courses are completed privately with priests or counsellors, some are completed online via Skype or a Webcam and some courses can be completed at home.


Q. How will Avalon know that we have completed our course?

A. In order to receive their certificate couples must complete a quiz. This quiz assesses all aspects of the program and unless couples have completed the program they will not know the answers to this quiz. Avalon changes the questions every three months so that couples cant copy from their friends.


Q. What is the Religious and Spiritual section of the course like?

A. Avalon has interviewed a number of priests for this program. We will be adding more of these interviews to our program every three months. These interviews give couples a great insight into the mindset of priests whose job it is to prepare couples for marriage. We also include a number of e-books for couples to read that help couples with understanding their faith.


Q. What if couples need more support or advice during the program.

A. Avalon will also be offering webinars to couples should they need to discuss any aspect of the program with us. Simply email us at info@avalonrc.com and tell us how we can help you. We will then create a webinar just for you or for other couples who may share your issues or concerns. If couples need expert advice on any aspect of their relationship then we will also organize this wherever possible. Couples are never alone, we are always here to help and support you.


Q. How long do the Certificates last? If we complete our course over a year before we get married is that a problem?
A. Your certificate is valid for a life-time. If you postponed your wedding for two years your certificate will still be valid when you go to get married again.


Q. How do we access the Quiz and the Member’s videos?
A. Simply log into the site with your username and password and you will be given immediate access to both.


Q. What happens if we lose our Certificate?
A. In the unlikely event that you lose your certificate just email us through the contact us section and you can purchase a replacement certificate for 20 euro after we send you a link to do so. This fee covers administration for processing your request.