Many people wonder how Avalon can tell if couples have indeed watched the DVD and completed the workbooks that we provide.

It’s very simple actually. At the end of the program we have a quiz that couples have to complete in order to pass. They can only pass the quiz if they have watched the videos. We also regularly email couples before they receive their certificate to tell us answers to segments of their workbooks. Unless they have completed the workbooks, they will not be able to do this.

We also run group courses in Ireland and what we find is that couples feel  challenged trying to discuss their relationship while other couples sit just a few feet away. By doing the course in private couples finally have the space and safety to truly discuss the intimate aspects of their relationship. Doing the course at home means that couples have more time and more focus than in regular group courses where there are usually lots of distractions.

Group courses are often rushed, they are often full of nervous couples who talk over the presenter to the detriment of other couples in the room. We believe that the Church would agree that this format  (which was never available until recently),  offers couples the ability to truly reflect on the meaning of their marriage from the sanctity of their homes.

As for the question of Pastoral Care to the couple after the course,  Avalon is always available to couples via Skype, telephone, email or in person to discuss the essential aspects of their relationship that might need some additional pastoral input.

David Kavanagh was financed through college by the Bishop of Ossory in Ireland on the condition that he would put his training and skills to good use after he graduated.

David continues to play an active part in promoting the sanctity of Marriage through Avalon and through his work as a Couples Therapist.