Who Is Avalon?

Avalon was founded by David Kavanagh in 2007. David is a registered psychotherapist, a neuroscience expert, an author and one of Ireland’s best known relationship consultants. He also holds a degree in Theology and has studied the Canon Law of Marriage. Avalon’s Pre Marriage course was designed in consultation with a number of senior Catholic Church figures to ensure full compliance with Church teaching.

David and his team of registered psychotherapists have been offering pre-marriage counseling to groups of couples across Ireland since 2007. While many couples choose to do their pre-marriage course in a group setting, David noticed that this format was not right for everyone.

Pre-marriage counselling asks couples to examine personal and private aspects of their lives as well as their hopes for the future. Issues such as family dynamics, finances, sexual intimacy and conflict are not always easy to discuss, particularly in front of other people.

In 2010, David created the Avalon Pre-Marriage DVD program to enable couples to discuss their relationship privately, and give them the time to go through the material at their own pace. David wanted the Avalon Pre-Cana course to cover the many aspects of marriage, including practical issues.

He assembled a team of psychotherapists who between them have over 250 years of clinical experience, as well as experts in a number of fields, such as psychology, theology, family therapy, fertility, finance, law and much more besides.

After positive feedback from hundreds of couples, David learnt that couples found that being able to review the material again and again was an added bonus of the DVD programme.

The success of the DVD gave rise to Avalon’s online pre-marriage programme.
Since 2012, Avalon’s online course has been used by thousands of couples around the world in countries such as the United States, Australia, Canada and South Africa, as well as across many countries in Europe and South America.

At Avalon, we believe that all couples benefit from both spiritual and practical pre-marriage counseling, and that we all deserve the privacy to discuss our relationship fully. We hope that you will enjoy our programme as much as the many thousands of couples around the world that Avalon has helped.

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Avalon Catholic Marriage Preparation Courses – Experts and Presenters 

David Kavanagh Relationship Expert USA About Avalon

David Kavanagh is a registered psychotherapist, addiction specialist, neuroscience expert and one of Ireland’s best known relationship counsellors. David is the author of the best-selling book, Love Rewired, which explains how neurological research and insights can be used to improve relationships.

David is a regular media contributor and was the relationship expert for the BBC’s You’re Not the Man I Married. David also holds a degree in Theology and has studied the Canon Law of Marriage. Over the course of his career, he has helped over 12,000 couples. www.DavidKavanagh.expert

trish murphy About Avalon

Trish Murphy

Trish Murphy is one of Ireland’s leading psychotherapists, as well as a well-known author and a regular columnist with The Irish Times. Trish works with individuals and couples, helping through seemingly insurmountable relationship difficulties, and she is one of the country’s most sought-after therapists on the issue of sexual intimacy.

She also works in the corporate sector as a teacher and a trainer, covering subjects such as stress management, sensitivity and assertiveness. www.trishmurphy-psychotherapy.com

Rachel Henderson About Avalon

Rachel Henderson

Rachel Henderson is a psychotherapist and a hypnotherapist. She works to help people introduce positive change into their lives using the power of the subconscious mind, such as quitting smoking, overcoming phobias and combating stress. Rachel is a graduate of the Institute of Clinical Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy.

She has an Advanced Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy, as well a Higher Diploma in Relationship Studies. www.rachelhenderson.ie

Ruth O Donnell About Avalon

Ruth O’ Donnell
Ruth O’ Donnell is a family therapist.
Ruth is a member of the Family Therapy Association of Ireland as well as the Irish Council for Psychotherapy. She worked at the Irish Health Board for almost twenty-four years where she developed a special interest in working with couples.Ruth works with individuals of all ages as well as families and couples. Her work includes diverse areas such as parenting, sexuality, family issues, conflict, communication, marriage counselling.

Dr Phil Boyle About Avalon

Dr. Phil Boyle

Dr Phil Boyle is a certified Fertility Care Medical Consultant and he has been the Director of NaPro FertilityCare Ireland since 1998.Dr Boyle is a member of a number of professional bodies, including both the Irish and Royal College of General practitioners, the American Academy of Fertility Care professionals and the Irish Fertility Society.He is also the current president of The International Institute for Restorative Reproductive Medicine. www.naprofertility.ie

Lauren Martin BA Hons About Avalon

Lauren Martin

Lauren Martin is the Managing Partner of Martin & Gately Solicitors in Dublin. She is admitted as a solicitor in Ireland, England and Wales.

She has extensive experience in a number of areas including all aspects of family law, human rights law, immigration, personal injury claims, medical negligence, planning and environmental law, intellectual property law, employment law, defamation and insolvency. www.martingately.ie


Paula Mee About AvalonPaula Mee
Paula Mee is a consultant dietitian. She is a member of the Irish Nutrition and Dietetic Institute, and formerly served as their president, as well as a member of the Food Safety Consultative Council.

Paula works with individuals, corporations, in the educational sector and with health professionals. She provides a wide variety of services including clinical nutrition, corporate wellness, marketing communications and new product development. www.paulamee.com


Siobhan Byrne About AvalonSiobhan Byrne
Siobhan Byrne is a director and co owner of Bodybyrne Fitness. She is a full-time trainer, a kick- boxer, triathlete, and a brand ambassador for Puma. She has been involved in the fitness industry for over 10 years. Siobhan has competed in numerous fitness tournaments around Ireland.

She won the female relay in Iron Man in 2012. She is a regular panelist on Irish television discussing diet and training, as well as a weekly columnist with The Irish Independent’s Fit Mag. www.bodybyrne.ie


Father Peter McVerry About AvalonFather Peter McVerry
Father Peter McVerry is a Catholic priest and founder of the Peter McVerry Trust, which tackles the issue of homelessness in Ireland. Father McVerry has been working with vulnerable young people since the 1970s.

The Trust, which began as a 3-bedroom flat in Ballymun in Dublin, now includes over one hundred apartments and eleven hostels. He is also a well-known advocate for reducing inequality and deprivation. www.pmvtrust.ie


Avalon donates 10% of its Profits to the Father Peter McVerry Trust.


Father John Hassett About AvalonFather John Hassett
Father John Hassett is a Catholic priest and the moderator of the St Patrick’s Parish, covering Esker, Dodsboro and Adamstown.

He is also the former dean of the archdiocese of Dublin’s Maynooth deanery. Father Hassett is known for his progressive views, and is incredibly popular amongst his parishioners. www.stpatrickslucan.ie



Anne About AvalonAnne Sexton
Anne Sexton is a freelance journalist. She writes extensively on sexuality, feminism, culture and literature. She is best known for the popular ‘Sexed Up’ column in Hot Press magazine, an incisive and often irreverent take on contemporary sexuality. She is a regular guest on Irish television and radio, and her work has appeared in several Irish publications.

Anne holds a Masters Degree in Gender, Sexuality and Culture from University College Dublin. Facebook.com/anne.sexton1


Tara Fey About AvalonTara Fey
Tara Fey is a wedding and event planner. She creates unique events for individuals and companies, and is known for her innovative design and approach. She has produced some of the most high profile events and weddings in Ireland, as well as throughout Europe.

Tara has received three nominations for Gala Awards at the Special Events Conference in the United States (the Oscars of the Special Events Industry) and won a Gala Award at the Special Event New Orleans in January 2010. www.tara-fay.ie


Colette O Leary About AvalonColette O’Leary
Colette O’Leary is a wedding and event planner. Colette began by organising sales and marketing events while working in the corporate sector. She was also a member of the organising committee for the Temple Street Children’s Hospital annual TOTTS Ball for 10 years with responsibility for theme design, entertainment and venue styling.

Now Colette helps Irish couples plan their weddings at home and abroad and she well-known for her attention to detail and planning. www.elegantevents.ie